I and a few of my faithful friends cleared out my place on Friday, July 5. I packed all of my belongings into the back of my car and drove the next day to Las Vegas and stayed with one of the aforementioned friend’s parents. From there, I drove to Santa Fe, where I dumped my trash bags of clothes onto the floor of a room inside a semi-converted warehouse.

I did not move across the country, that much is clear. I only drove for two days, although by the end of the second day, I was very fatigued.

All that being written, here are the brief notes from my journey:

  1. Arizona’s Interstate 40, with a few exceptions, is speed limited to 75 mph, which meant I cruised controlled at 80 MPH. Which is fantastically fast enough.
  2. Highway 95 between Reno and Las Vegas was amazingly easy. I only almost crashed  head-on while passing once (but I damn well accelerated my way out of that.) The daytime headlight zones really do need daytime headlights. Hard to judge distances without.
  3. Having a peppy vehicle makes for almost breathlessly easy passing. Having a manual makes it that much seemingly safer and fun.
  4. There is nothing between Hawthorne and Vegas. So, stop in Hawthorne for food, drink, etc. I confirmed this with the aforementioned mother of the aforementioned friend.
  5. The state police presence is, I found, nearly non-existent.

That is all.

Sunsets and clouds at my former place in Santa Fe.

Sunsets and clouds at my former place in Santa Fe.

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